Rolling out the prototype of the B-58 at Convair, Ft Worth, TX. In the fall of 1956 the people who designed and built the B-58 knew they had a very special aircraft.

A mean looking weapons system. Don't mess with the Hustler.

This photo was made at Carswell AFB, TX on December 7, 1962. Training was over -- we were about to make our first flight (solo) in the B-58. It was a very exciting and successful flight!
Bobby Franklin -- Aircraft Commander
BJ Brown -- Navigator Bombardier
George Magliocca -- Defensive Systems Operator

The B-58 carried two nuclear weapons under each wing (4 total) and one weapon under the centerline. Some sorties were scheduled for high altitude, high speed penetration and release of weapons -- some sorties were scheduled for low altitude, high speed.

The crew is on board and they will be cranking the engines shortly. All of the ground equipment will be removed from the area and this Hustler will be taxiing out for takeoff.

After I manuevered us in close to the tanker, where the pilot had visual contact, I could lean back, relax and have a cup of coffee ... perhaps have a part of my flight lunch.